GIHM is an amazing place for students to continue their further studies after they are done with school and college. It is different from other institutions that offer higher education, in many ways. Apart from gaining a degree that is recognized all over the world, a student actually finishes off with an edge over the others, which is so important these days. Education in GIHM is not just about books and classrooms. A student can achieve and accomplish many goals because of the easy access provided to a variety of facilities. Academics, personality development, honing special skills or whatever their area of interest might be, the students get complete support from the faculty and senior students.

Foreign National Students

Ever since its inception, international students have been a part of GIHM. Drawn from countries all over the globe especially our neighboring country Nepal, students have found the GIHM a home away from home. Separate comfortable housing is available for international students. An international student office and counselor provide individualized attention to the needs of international students.

GIHM welcomes applicants around the world; our international students come from foreign countries and nearly constitute 20% of our student population. Every year students prefer GIHM because of its reputation as one of the best healthcare management institute.

Foreign nationals will be admitted over and above the approved intake in each course up to a maximum of 25% of the sanctioned seats in each course, depending upon the availability of adequate infrastructure. Those who have passed the qualifying examination from Universities outside India should enclose with their application, copies of relevant certificates, marks sheets together with the English version of such copies duly attested, if they are in a different language. Foreign nationals seeking admission are required to produce a medical certificate of fitness from a recognized hospital in their country or India.